GPS Surveying

GPS SurveyingGPS Surveying Capabilities

High Country Engineering, Inc. (HCE) has been using GPS technology since 1994 for construction staking and boundary surveys. In this fast changing world of survey technology, HCE has maintained its position on the leading edge of the GPS field.

Real Time Kinematic surveying was introduced in 1994. This type of surveying has allowed us to not only locate points in the field, but also to stake points using GPS. Until 1994, this was unheard of. Now, HCE uses GPS technology to create design surveys, boundary surveys, and construction staking.

When HCE started in GPS surveying, we had 3 receivers and a commitment to learn! Currently, HCE has 13 receivers and we are applying the knowledge we have gained through years of experience and continuing education. High Country Engineering encourages its employees to expand their knowledge in the field of GPS, and supplys up-to-date equipment in order to provide our clients with the best possible product.