Complete civil engineering and surveying services are available for individual sites, subdivisions, and commercial/industrial developments. Services provided during the application/review process phase include boundary and topographic surveys, plats, drainage and floodplain studies, traffic studies, State highway access permit applications, site grading and erosion control plans, street and utility designs, water and wastewater treatment, and utility coordination. High Country Engineering's established working relationships with the local governmental agencies can be instrumental for developers in gaining project approval. During the construction phase, available services include: contract administration, construction staking, construction inspection and quality control.


Services include planning and design for urban streets, rural and mountain roads, and parking areas. HCE personnel are familiar with the geological and climatological conditions such as soil and slope stability, subsurface drainage, icing, etc., which impact road design. Our specialized expertise in the drainage field is invaluable in street and road design because proper drainage is a vital part of a properly designed street or highway system. HCE uses the Mitron Transportation System for traffic classification, speed and volume analysis of traffic.


Services include hydrologic analysis (specific to the geographic area of the project), master drainage planning for existing communities and new subdivisions, debris flow studies, floodplain analysis, design and preparation of plans and specification for drainage improvement, and field review during the construction period. HCE personnel are specialists in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics and drainage design.


Services include planning and design of distribution or collection systems, as well as small treatment facilities. HCE personnel are experienced in providing these services for individual residences, industries, municipalities and special districts.


Consulting engineering services are available to municipalities for special projects or studies and when a consultant may be needed to supplement the municipality's existing staff. HCE also offers plat review services, which include the checking of plans, specifications, plats, reports and other documents submitted to municipalities in order to evaluate their adherence to regulations and general practicality. Construction observation services are also provided to monitor the construction of public improvements for conformance with municipal requirements.


Surveying is often the basis for design and decision-making. Our survey personnel are trained and equipped to perform a vast array of tasks using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) as well as conventional total stations with data collectors, including: boundary surveys, improvement surveys, high order GPS control, improvement location certificates, condominium plats, surface and aerial topographic surveys, and all types of construction staking.