Commercial Subdivisions

Commercial Subdivisions

Rifle Retail Ventures, Rifle, Colorado – Subdivision and infrastructure design for an 11 lot commercial subdivision to include water, sewer, access, grading and drainage. The design included mitigation of flooding from an alluvial fan that drained across a portion of the site.

Air Cam Hanger at Centennial Airport, Arapahoe County / Airport Authority, Colorado – The project consisted of the construction of a hanger for helicopters at Centennial Airport. Special challenges of this project included meeting FAA and Airport Authority regulations as well as grade restraints given the nature of the development.

Airport Gateway Center, Eagle, Colorado – Civil engineering design, boundary, design, and construction surveying, and construction observation for an 84 lot, 232-acre commercial subdivision adjacent to the Eagle County Airport. In addition to site grading, road design and utility design, the project included 2.5 miles of off-site sanitary sewer collection, one mile of off-site water main, a separate irrigation system and three separate accesses onto State Highway 6.

Belleview Self Storage, Unincorporated Arapahoe County, Colorado – This 5 acre self-storage facility has provided services including processing, rezoning, Preliminary Development Plan and processing of the Final Development.

Eagle Interchange, Eagle, Colorado – Surveying and construction administration of a six (6) lot commercial subdivision, including design and permitting of accel/decel lanes through Colorado Department of Transportation, and individual site plans.

Eagle Interchange East, Eagle, Colorado – Civil engineering and surveying for 9-acre commercial subdivision, including permitting for temporary gravel mining operation.

Ute Center, Basalt, Colorado – Commercial and residential lot development within the floodplain including underground parking.

Roaring River Lodges, Basalt, Colorado – Design of acceleration/deceleration lanes and site development for three lot commercial/industrial subdivision, as well as condominium mapping of the buildings.

Walters Town Center, New Castle, Colorado – 8 lot commercial subdivision with town water system improvements and design of alternate water source.

Carbondale Business Park, Carbondale, Colorado – 13-lot light commercial/industrial park with Town Street and acceleration/deceleration lanes for Highway 133.

Gilstrap Subdivision, Glenwood Springs, Colorado – 12-lot commercial park including coordinating with the City for the municipal sewer and water improvements.

Basalt Business Centers West, South, and East, Basalt, Colorado – 30 acres with 39 commercial/industrial lots.